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Home course 'Music Producer'

After my graduation as a teacher and music producer at the Conservatory of Ghent, I started teaching music production (Musicasa and Het Muziekhuis). I've combined what I've learned in the field, with my teacher skills and put it together in a course to study music production at home.

The course is an easy to understand book, full of pictures, exercises and video's to guide you through a lot of aspects of music production. This is sometimes very technical, but sometimes also very creative. You learn about cables, sound cards, but also about notes and songwriting. You will understand the basics of Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase, and will be able to manipulate all the basic (and some more advanced) plugins available. Best of all: you can easily skip or fast-forward to your field of interest. The way the course is written is very logical and you easily maintain the structure at all time. To give an idea: there are more than 400 pages...

The course is written in dutch and is sold by the 'Centrum voor afstandsonderwijs'. You can find them by clicking the link below.

On demand

There is so much to learn and maybe you already know a lot. In that case, it's a waste of time to be in a classroom with other students and wait while they are struggling with turning on there computer...

You can always contact me (at the bottom of this page) and maybe I can give you just the info that you need so you can move on with your projects. It can be in my studio, but it can also be at your place, with your setup and gear.



  • Musicasa: day courses music production
  • The Muziekhuis: guitar and music production
  • Play & Produce: workshop introduction music production
  • Conservatory Ghent: my studies SLO and music producer


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