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From classical guitar to all around producer

Nick began playing music at an early age. At first only classical guitar in the local music school. The electrical guitar made more noise so this one became an obvious choice. Bands where created, gigs where played and the first recordings where made (Dapoerka, Include Me Out, Hunt, Akreopad ...).

From his passion for sound and the vibe around studios and gear, being a producer became a dream.

In 2008, Nick started at the Conservatory of Ghent. In 2013 he graduated as ‘Music Producer’. During his studies, Nick took the time to explore different styles and genres. A live recording of a coverband, a studio recording of a big band, a symphonic orchestra, a production of a ska band... Sometimes he only had to make a recording or mix, sometimes a whole orchestration.

In his last year at the Conservatory, Nick did internship at Motormusic (Mechelen). These days, he still returns there to work as a freelancer. At Motormusic, he also met Jo Francken, for whom he worked as an assistant for some time.

The school assignments and 'real' jobs began to run parallel to each other and gradually Nick's own studio started to grow. A mobile recording studio that can be placed almost anywhere, combined with a fixed location for overdubs and mixing was a fact. 

Nick also works as a freelancer in many other studios like Motormusic, La Chapelle, Bijloke Studio, High Lake Hill Studio, Studio DAM, DM-studio Arscene, Jokot, SBS, Sonhouse, ...

So far, Nick has been working on many different projects: A12, Crushlight, Kinematic Ensemble, Piet Van Den Heuvel, John Snauwaert, Jazz Play Europe Laboratory, Dez Mona, Sir Yes Sir, Walrus, Benjamien Lycke, Rumble Jungle Orchestra, Dapoerka, Cave On Fire, Pieter Wispelwey, Fête Royal, AMU, John Ghost, Broes, Little Jimmy Hans De Nayer, Belcirque, Mann Gold's Cobre, Sky Castles, Corey Klein, Joyce Jonathan, The Great Pretender, Paradise Flyer, Yavor, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Eastman…

The world of image

Being absorbed by a movie and getting the feeling that you're in the movie itself is a great experience. During his years at the Conservatory, Nick made some short compositions for image but the spark really stroke after his studies, when he came in contact with dubbing recordings (Flemish versions of cartoons). Bitten by the job, Nick developed his dubbing skills and worked on many big features and TV-shows. (‘The Good Dinosaur’, ‘Zootropolis’ , ‘Vaiana’, 'Cars 3', 'Emoji',  'Soy Luna’, ‘Violetta’, ‘Doc McStuffin’, ‘Jamie Has Got Tentacles’, ‘Lego Friends’, ‘Sam Fox’, ‘My Parents Are Aliens’, ‘Transformers’, ‘Thunderbirds’ ...)

You can find him in almost every dubbing studios in Belgium (and some in the Netherlands).

Besides dubbing, Nick works on big feature- en series in all genres and lengths. Foley recordings, sound design, dialogue edits, post sync, full mixes: every aspect of sound and image is covered.




Home course and real class

After his graduation at the Conservatory, Nick followed a MaNaMa to become a teacher. This knowledge, he later applied in giving guitar lessons and music production at several private schools (Musicasa, Het Muziekhuis ...).

Besides ‘live-lessons’ in classrooms, Nick wrote a course ‘music production for home’. A 450-page book, full of exercises, assignments and movies to be able to work at home. Read more about this course on this page.

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